Preserving Fiesta Island Longspur Habitat

Trent R. Stanley

Apparently today is the last day to comment to the Coastal Commission on keeping the dog park on Fiesta Island as it is. Detailed instructions on how to comment are on the Fiesta Island Dogs Owners (FIDO) website at The deadline is today 6/4/2021 at 5PM

CBS8 Fight over dog park at Fiesta Island

I sent a brief email to the Coastal Commission about the longspurs found there every October and all the other great birds (Wagtail, Sprague's, etc) and that the area should not be developed. Here's a map of what they're planning.!41400/1/draft/users/fido/documents/FIDO%20city%20plan%20map%205f.pdf  Kinda looks like the rest of Mission Bay Park...

Trent R. Stanley
University City, San Diego, CA

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