New White-throated Sparrow, North County (Apr 26)

Aedyn Loefke

This morning (Apr 26th) we were able to relocate and photograph a White-throated Sparrow at Lake Wohlford, near north Escondido. This bird was originally found by Mary Jo Hayes on the 11th of April and was refound and photographed by her yesterday. 
It seems to be getting a bit late for this species. This bird may have wintered in the area, but we didn’t have it on the CBC there in January (although that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t there!) If the bird did not winter in the area, I’m not sure of the spring migrant status of this species. 

Photos and details in the eBird checklist below. 

  --Aedyn and Trysten Loefke 
    Valley Center 

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