A great new [almost] yard bird

Stan Walens

Stefani and I went for a walk yesterday to look for a possible vermilion flycatcher she’d seen in a nearby park. We live on the crest-line of a hill just south of Railroad Canyon, just north of Marion Bear Park, west of Route 805. It’s great for watching soaring hawks.

We’d walked about 250 yards east from our house when we looked up to see a pair of zone-tailed hawks circling above us, then streaming east. Time was 12:15 pm.

They'd probably flown right over our house just before we spotted them. But the “official” rules of yard birds are the bird has to be seen in your yard, or in the looser, Canadian-league, rules, from your yard. So we cannot count them as yard birds.

However, the sighting indicates that there are indeed two zone-tailed hawks in the greater La Jolla, University City, Rte. 52 area, Miramar and Miramar-adjacent area.

Stan Walens, San Diego
April 18, 2021; 4:37 pm

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