Mount Soledad tomorrow? (and miscellanea)

It looks like the weather conditions might be good for a morning flight tomorrow morning, Monday, up on the top of Mount Soledad. So, if anyone is interested in giving it a try, tomorrow is probably better than randomly picking just any day! Jay D. and I plan on being there. And the rest of next week does NOT look very good. Jay had a good morning up there today (see his eBird list), and I had a good morning on Point Loma (including multiple Hammond's Flycatchers and particularly good numbers of Bullock's Orioles, Nashville Warblers, Western Tanagers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, and Lazuli Buntings).

In other news, on 16 April at Santee Lakes, I had the continuing male Greater Scaup on Lake 4, a wayward Acorn Woodpecker at Lakes 5/6 (not seen since), a male Yellow-headed Blackbird along the east side of Lake 6 in the southern campground (still present today), still a few Pine Siskins, and 50 Vaux's Swifts. On 17 April, 13 Wilson's Phalaropes continued in the saltworks at the end of 13th St., and Dave Povey reported the continuing LITTLE STINT at the end of 10th, flying in at around 9:15AM. Least Terns and Blue Grosbeaks had returned.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

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