Black-and-white-Warbler - Robb Field

John Bruin

This morning around 6:30 I relocated the Black-and-white Warbler that Charlotte Morris reported yesterday. She also had one in same tree March 14. Though she indicated this one may be a different one. It along with a Black-throated Gray Warbler were in a tree just after you enter the Robb Field area. Take the first right turn and they were in the tree to your left. 32.753459,-117.244325

As I left the area was filling up with soccer kids and parents. May be a busy day out there.

Also not rare but somewhat unusual since it has never been reported there in the past, further up stream in the sea world section a Rock Wren first reported by Kevin Burns on March 26 was still present this morning in the rocks about half way between W Mission Bay Drive Bridge and South Shores Parkway. May be of interest for those 5 mile circle folks that includes the Sea World hot spot.

John Bruin
Bay Park

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