Wilderness Gardens rarities Mar 8th

Aedyn Loefke

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Wilderness Gardens preserve continues today (March 8th) in the pepper trees near the pond. It is a very confiding individual and allowed many close views. 

Yesterdays Townsend's Solitaire was NOT seen today, despite several hours of searching for it. The pepper trees where it was found yesterday were brimming with Hermit Thrushes and Mockingbirds, but no Solitaire. 

I also found an abnormally early arrival Black-chinned Sparrow along the canyon edge on the small loop trail just north of the main parking area. This seems to be about two weeks earlier than average.

We also counted no less than FIVE White-winged Doves, two of which were paired off and displaying some courtship behavior.

More details and photos in the eBird checklist below:

Happy Birding,
  --Aedyn Loefke

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