Agua Dulce 2/15/2021

Andrew N

Took advantage of the holiday to cruise around Agua Dulce this morning. Conditions were dark, cold and a little windy with plenty of snow still about. However, even with the cold and gloomy conditions bird activity was quite high.

Aside from the usual suspects the small group of Golden-crowned Kinglets continues, I found them foraging with a group of Ruby-crowned and Mountain Chickadees north up the trail right at the little river crossing.  Finches were in very small numbers with only three Purples and two Cassin's that I could find. The female Williamson's Sapsucker made a classic "there and gone" appearance by the pump house around 9:30am but there was no sign of the Varied Thrush or any other sapsuckers. Around 10am a Mountain Quail started shouting its head off up in the hills to the East.

By 11am the sun had forced its way through enough to turn much of the trail into slippery mud and slush.

Andrew Newmark
Hillcrest, San Diego CA

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