Re: San Diego County Big Year 2020


Hear, hear, Nancy! We are so proud and pleased with your accomplishment! You raised the bar by an incredible five more birds!

With this record number of 393 species, you not only have the new record for San Diego County but also for any ABA area county. It is doubtful 
that birders in any other county can touch what you've achieved here in San Diego. We have pelagics, coastal ornamental areas & parks, coastal 
scrub, mountains, and deserts. And there's a bunch of "bird dogs" who are out there day after day for the sheer joy and challenge of birding and 
of finding those rarities.

Cheers and Happy New Year everyone!

Barbara Carlson
San Diego

On Thursday, December 31, 2020, 08:57:26 AM PST, Mel Senac <msenac@...> wrote:

On behalf of my fellow San Diego birders,  I want to congratulate Nancy Christensen on her S.D. County Big Year. Nancy had an incredible 393 “clean, countable”  species for the year and if you throw in a few of our common “non-countable’s” such as Red-masked Parakeet, Lilac-crowned Parrot , Black-throated Magpie-Jay etc. she had 399. This broke the longstanding record of 388 held by Barbara Carlson for many years.


This is an amazing number when you consider 2020  was the year of Covid-19 and lockdowns. Furthermore, Nancy was President of San Diego Field Ornithologist and put in hours of time. Along the way she was dealing with a bad back and her Father’s failing health. Despite her quest, she was always the first person to get someone on a bird who had just arrived,  was struggling to get on the bird  or giving precise directions on how to find a specific bird through the list serv or via her phone. She is far too humble to admit any of this.


I can attest, as her birding pal, that Nancy did not set out to do a Big Year. Not in this crazy 2020. It was not until October when her husband Russ and myself independently told her that her numbers were on a record-breaking pace.  She finally took notice. Then through hard work, perseverance and San Diego County being blessed with many good birds she was able to accomplish this remarkable achievement. I know I speak for several birders in San Diego and Southern California - well done Nancy!


Mel Senac

San Diego



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