Swamp sparrow - new location

phil Pryde

The Tecolote Canyon Swamp Sparrow (SWSP) put on a great show in bright sunlight around 8 a.m. this morning (Sat.), but he was in a slightly different location. Instead of the area near where the crushed-rock portion of the roadway ends, he was about 200 yards further upstream (east) from there. Walk east until you reach the area where the vegetation has been cleared for a stretch of about fifty feet between the hiking path and the fence by the channel. Walk to the fence there, and across the channel you'll see a bright red seed feeder by the fence. The SWSP was in the water in the channel or in or near the large green bush on the far side of the channel, right below or a little to the right of the bright red feeder. The SWSP is now in close to full breeding plumage, a very sharp looking bird.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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