Mount Laguna Clark's Nutcrackers Continue, Lewis's & Williamson's

Trent R. Stanley

Eric Kallen and I hit the trail around 8:45AM, 3/23/2014 and proceeded directly to Matt Sadowski's map Point 3: . At 9:31AM we found two Clark's Nutcrackers when they started calling and got some nice pictures of them while they were foraging.
Exact location was about 20 yards SW of Point 3: 32° 52' 6.444" N, 116° 27' 36.246" W 

I had a quick flyover glimpse of a Lewis's Woodpecker going east while at point 3. Eric spotted a female Williamson's Sapsucker at point 3. We also had several Cassin's Finches, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, Lark Sparrow, Western Bluebirds, American Robin, Violet-green Swallow, Band-tailed Pigeon, Mountain Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco's and Red-tailed Hawk carrying nesting material.

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