Re: Gray Flycatcher & Red-breasted nuthatch @ Harry Griffen Regional Park

James Pike

Hi Trent,

That first photographed Red-breasted Sapsucker looks dead-on for the northern subspecies (S. r. ruber), given the vivid red that extends well down the breast and the sharp demarcation from the yellow belly. Further, the back-spotting is greatly limited. Jimmy McMorran had one up the coast a few years back. Still no records in the Orange County. Very cool.

Jim Pike
Huntington Beach  

On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 1:59 PM Trent R. Stanley <trent.stanley@...> wrote:
This morning Barbara Carlson and I did two laps around Harry Griffen Regional Park in La Mesa and found three Red-breasted sapsuckers, a Gray Flycatcher and a Red-breasted nuthatch. Then we went to Western Hills Park and found another Red-breasted sapsucker.

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