Rusty Blackbird

Nancy Christensen

The Rusty Blackbird continues today (Feb 14) at the Kobey Swapmeet Parking lot on Sports Arena Blvd. It should be noted that Kobey is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7-3. I looked there yesterday afternoon (Thursday), as well as over at the parking lots by Target, etc, across the street and found not one blackbird of any species. I have no idea where those birds are going the rest of the week.


The Rusty is changing into its spring plumage, with large patches of black now. It is still associating with the female Brown-headed Cowbird. The cowbird stands in front of the rusty with its head bent way down. The rusty occasionally preens the head of the cowbird, and the two occasionally touch beaks. If the rusty moves even a few inches, the cowbird shifts right over in front of it again. This seems like very odd behavior to me!


Checklist with a few photos of this odd couple:


Nancy Christensen



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