Re: Massive Bonaparte's Gull Flock Offshore Encinitas (11/27/19)

Jimmy McMorran

Hey Stan,
Makes perfect sense! Have a great Thanksgiving.

On Nov 27, 2019, at 4:17 PM, Stan W <> wrote:

Hi Jimmy,

Today’s La Jolla seawatch had large numbers of loons. I’d say 5000+ but we were so distracted by other birds that it was easy for individual eBirders to lose track.

There was a gigantic feeding frenzy 2-3 miles offshore. Estimates were 2-4K gulls, but it was impossible to identify most of them to species at that distance in the gray skies of the incoming storm. The count of Bonaparte’s was limited to what definitely were Bonaparte’s but there could have been 10x that number out there.

Stan Walens, San Diego
November 27, 2019; 4:15 pm
Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran,
Leucadia, CA

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