Am. Redstart, Palm, Orchard, Wilson's Phal.

Today, the 26th, there's an AMERICAN REDSTART (probably an imm male) in Spreckels Park in Coronado. The TROPICAL KINGBIRD continues bordering the NASNI golf course, and a late WESTERN KINGBIRD and female/imm ORCHARD ORIOLE were elsewhere in residential Coronado. The flock of 6 SNOW GEESE, which were originally seen by others a week or more ago flying over Liberty Station and then settled in for the past bunch of days to the NASNI property (seen by others), mostly off limits, but now a couple times they have wandered outside the base into Coronado, today to the grass ballfield next to the Ocean Blvd gate and dog beach (although only 4 birds).

Yesterday, the 25th, there was a PALM WARBLER at the north edge of the community gardens in the TRV, and a late WILSON'S PHALAROPE was in the saltworks--presumably the same bird reported about a week or so ago by Sadowski/Pawlicki.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

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