Short-eared Owl and White-winged Scoter Seacoast Drive 10/24/2019

dan jehl

This morning, 10/24/2019, I set up on the berm just south of the end Seacoast Dr just before day. At about 6:45 a Short-eared Owl was seen flying low over the marsh in the vicinity of South McCoy trail, later (about 6:55) it was chasing an early rising Northern Harrier.
A flock of about 25 Surf Scoters flew north about 7:20 towards the Imperial Beach Pier with a female White-winged Scoter in the middle of the flock. As this flock tends to stay in this general vicinity (north of the pier to just south of the river mouth) it may be chaseable.

Dan Jehl
San Diego

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