Magnolia Warbler - No (Sunday 10/20/19 5PM) - Chula Vista Bayside Park G St.

lindsay willrick

Hello all,

I spent 1.5 hrs searching all of the paper bark tea-tree/punk trees (Melaleuca quinquenervia) around the southernmost bathroom structure to no avail Sunday evening (10/20/19). There were several yellow rumped warblers foraging in the trees and plenty of interesting invertebrates as the trees are in full flower. Several monarch butterflies stole the show. Surveying this park on a weekday morning would possibly be more fruitful, lots of large parties on weekends. 

Botanical aside, the paper bark tea-tree is in the Myrtle family, originating from the tropical and warm-temperate regions of the world. 

Lindsay Willrick
Golden Hill, San Diego, CA

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