Robb Field

Vic Warren

Yesterday, Laurel and I drove down to the river at Robb Field. The tide was high and what was showing of the closest sandbar had more egrets than normal, Great and Snowy. There were also a few Great Blue Herons and a couple of Little Blue Herons. Then a Reddish Egret landed and began to run around in the water as they do. Flapping its wings, running here and there and putting on quite a show. i don't remember the last time we saw a Reddish Egret in this area. While we were watching, a Belted Kingfisher flew by, another bird unusual for Robb Field.

We drove up to Crown Point to try our luck with the Dickcissel. We saw a tree full of House Finches and a bird with bright yellow on it, but it turned out to be our first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the season. We did see a flock of Horned Larks which we had not seen reported.

Good birding,
Vic Warren and Laurel Scott
Mission Valley

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