Hope its me but map seems not to show any nodes.

I understand its "under construction".  But haven't seen the map with nodes for several days.

It displays... "The following is a Map of our Mesh updated every 30 mins."

BUT the lower left message says... "0 Nodes shown with 0 links, | Data Last Acquired @ July 12 2020 00:15:27 PDT"

I'm using Chromium, but I have same problem with other OSs and browers.

Maybe its because needs help.  Not sure.

~ron K7IOW

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Hi Ron,
Thank you for reporting this. The Willamette Valley mesh map server on the internet is down, probably until July 26, 2020.
The mesh node it uses to access network traffic and build the map has to be serviced/restarted by the node operator, K9RCP, who is away on a field project.

You might ask "why does the map appears with no node data?"
The map is built from dynamic data retrieved from the connected nodes and traffic. Silent node locations are cleared after 24 hours. Normally this is very helpful for diagnosing a node that has gone offline.

We have built two other  copies of the mesh map server in the mesh network itself. These are working, and tracking live data but are not mirrored to the internet.
If you have a AREDN node within our network, the map data is live and accessible.
73, Brett KG7GDB
Here is a current screenshot, note the isolated node locations in Newberg are not showing connection lines to Salem:

Dan Bathurst

You are right Ron, we are waiting for Richard to get back home. He left the area for work and family reasons to return shortly. He has been gone for quite a while now and his page needs attention. We do have two other Mapping computers on line. Sorry the Web version is off line for a bit.


Here are some more page copies of current nodes:



Central Valley



A little South to Sweet Home



The USA, a very partial coverage map, not showing many areas



Southern California, and VC (Ventura County)





Dan and Brett - Thank you for the quick response and maps.

Relocating Adair for awhile.  May have lined up a DISH antenna for the Mikrotek. Looks like a small gap in the trees to the northeast so I was looking for Lat/Lon to plug into google earth.


P.S. Sorry to miss the net last night - friend with medical issue.