Which node is 7E:C3:0C:AC:C7:59?


I tried a quick portable deployment on my way to work this morning and immediately found 7E:C3:0C:AC:C7:59 on Channel 177.

Since I'm not yet "on the mesh", is there a way that I can identify which node this is to better know where to aim?

Thank you!
73, Jason

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Hi Jason,
In Dallas, the most likely signals on Ch 177 10 MHz come from K7RTL-ROCKM5A-XW-5A5B (Hopewell Sector aiming SW), or W7RGM-NSM5-XW-7CB4 (aiming North to Hopewell). Note the final four characters of the names are the MAC addresses of these nodes.

See how your scan shows Foreign Ad-Hoc Network?
The MAC address isn't resolving correctly because you either aren't using the default SSID AREDN-10-v3 on your station, or you are using a different scanning frequency than 177.

Change your node to AREDN-10-v3 and Ch 177, save, and reboot. Do the WiFi scan again, and you should show Connected Ad-Hoc Network and two lines on the table, one for your station and one for the connected station.

As signal improves your node, and the connected node will exchange the address information, and show first the MAC, then the IP, and finally the name of the connected node. This should happen quickly if the SNR is 8 or more.

-89 is a weak signal compared to the -95 noise floor; it is only 6 dB SNR.
Switch to the Chart tool on your node, and look at the SNR tracing, using the audio feature to maximize your signal.

You are looking for a -85 dB or better signal with 100%/100% LQ/NLQ as shown on your mesh status page.

-Brett, KG7GDB