Salem Mesh Network Update.

Jesse Newell

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to update you on the status of the network. The dream is alive and not forgotten but just a little delayed. My Daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia on Good Friday of this year and we have spent much of the summer in and out of the hospital and my attention has been focused towards that. With that being said she is doing much better and we are almost through the battle. Dan (WA7ABU) has graciously offered us a time slot on his repeater to hold a discussion net related to mesh and other networking topics. With Dan's blessing I will be making a commitment to being net control at 7PM every Thursday beginning 10-1. Please continue to share the group and know that this plan is still in the works and we need all of your support. The Primary goal at this point is establishing the link and working on getting everyone connected on a base framework. Please reply to this email with any questions.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.


Dan Bathurst

Great to hear that you want to continue developing this network. We have been kicking around this topic at that time. David has been quite active in pursuing the topic, but can't be there for now.

I hope this will be a good time for those interested.