Mikrotik Lite Dish Feed (LDF5)-Update on Firmware Installation #installation #equipment

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

We have been installing firmware on the the Mikrotik LDF-5nd  devices, and are in the process of writing our own step by step guide.
There are some changes to the documentation on the AREDN website so some steps are wrong and need updating.
Installation on Mikrotik devices is more complicated than on the Ubiquiti devices.
It is not a task for someone who doesn't read instructions or can't follow step by step details. 
Ask for help from Dan or Brett if you have questions about Mikrotik firmware installs.
Lessons learned this week:
It is important to buy the correct model of device: Mikrotik RBLDF-5nD
(All AREDN devices are 802.11n routers. Don't buy 802.11ac models, which look the same and just have a different LDF-5ac model number.)
New Mikrotik devices have a factory address of, not as 
There were problems  reported by users  installing the general release firmware on certain Mikrotik devices.
To be safe, install the latest nightly build .elf and sysupgrade files available here:
Make sure to see the README file to determine which files work on your device. 
We have flashed 6 of these successfully this week so it does work!
Brett, KG7GDB