Mikrotik Lite Dish Feed (LDF5)-A Powerful, Inexpensive AREDN Radio #installation #equipment

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Hi Mesh Fans,
We are pleased to have a new AREDN device on our Willamette Valley Mesh network.

The Mikrotik LDF-5 is designed to take the place of the LNA receiver head on a surplus satellite dish and gives you a high power MIMO AREDN beam.
Here is a link to the AREDN group forum discussing the $49 device:
It is designed to mount into a 40mm ring mount on the offset feed arm of a DirecTV or Dish network. AREDN firmware allows the USA version to transmit on Part 97 frequencies.
Your Home Owner's Association will not object to this radio as it looks nearly identical to common approved satellite receiver dishes.

Jerry, WA7HSB has purchased, flashed, and assembled a successful device which now links his Silverton QTH to South Salem at 21 dB NR.
He modified the LNA head directly and drilled a 40mm hole which created a solid mount.
He has written up his project as a word document with photos, and I have copied it to the file section of this group:

The Mikrotik radio uses a different flash technique to install AREDN firmware. It uses a Tiny PXE server to remote boot the node with a factory image file, and then upgrades the radio with the sysupgrade file. Be sure to follow the directions in the AREDN documentation carefully.
Congratulations and Thanks to Jerry for his project description.
-Brett, KG7GDB