Benton County Joins the Mesh #Announcements

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Benton County has joined the Willamette Valley Mesh network!

It is a milestone when adjacent Counties connect by mesh, especially when these areas are separated by the Willamette River.
Benton County is now connected Point to Point from Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis to K7ENW at Rodgers Mountain in Scio using a Ubiquiti 5 Ghz PB620 dish.
A 5 GHz Sector 120 dish has been placed facing due South to cover the Corvallis area.
Congrats to Linn and Benton Counties ARES and Auxcomm members, and Good Samaritan hospital partners who made this possible. 

Every new station opens additional opportunities for mesh connections.
If you live in Benton, Linn or even Lane County, remember we regularly make 20-30 mile connections with our mesh radios, so start looking for places to deploy.
Within the mesh, use the live mesh map to locate station bearings and frequencies in use, so you can plan connections and portable deployments. Every mesh station increases the resilience of our network. Otherwise explore our growing network on

Brett, KG7GDB