Application request - Real time active comms database


Each of our regional ARES and other AuxComm teams has a communication plan including frequencies and modes. As I think about the SET on October 3, one of the things I suspect is that most of us will not have all of those channels active at any given time and may be using others that are not published. How can an operator in one county or group make contact quickly and efficiently with a resource in a neighboring county?

I wonder if there is an existing application, or if we could develop one, that would allow an operator in each Area Of Responsibility monitor their local nets and provide a quick, easily accessible, and currently accurate channel list on the mesh network?

I think this might get overwhelming to pick through in a Mesh Chat as channels (frequencies, modes, locations) activate and deactivate throughout an event. Something like a simple database where you could select a county and get the current, live list might be very useful.

I'm not sure this is significantly different than the application discussed last night on air (for tracking animal welfare / resources across the fairgrounds during the fire event); it is possible that a similar tool could be used for both. This application might change the underlying data more frequently, especially in a short duration Simulated Emergency test.

(I haven't missed the point that if all of our regions and groups are active on Mesh we could just reach them directly... I'm thinking of a bridge!)


Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Hi Jason,
Great Idea!

We have existing services on the mesh which can help; we can install and even develop other solutions.

The first thing we can do is Share Files; use our mesh web servers to store copies of our frequency plans-PDFs and ICS forms.
The BCARES site has the master lists of frequencies as PDFs. Check the K9RCP file server and KA7JLO web server may already have those files.
The meshchat  application message threads can be organized by folder, which would help find bulletins arranged by posting date/time.
It is true that finding the information gets more difficult as the list of messages grows. The file transfer feature in meshchat can be used to easily post a file and Notify meshchat users in real time.

Winlink Express telnet RMS post office and telnet P2P can be used with the ICS forms editor or attached files. Save these to file servers. Remember, Winlink RMS messages are readable by the general public. There is a route into/out of the mesh via packet servers in Sweet Home; contact KG7BZ for details.

There are some other map resources we can try on the mesh, besides the mesh map.
We are working to install a collaborative content server which would allow shared document creation by multiple users using any web browser.
Apps being considered are EtherCalc and EtherNote which are shared spreadsheet and document editors. One application being tested is
Conferencing/Video Chat applications also allow file transfer.

We have talked with the developer of GridTracker, Tag Loomis, N0TTL  
who is willing to build a customized version for mapping mesh emergency resources.
If you or anyone has ideas or specific recommendations for practical use, please reply to the thread.

Brett, KG7GDB