Inspiring AREDN MESH network in Ventura County, CA

Brett Popovich KG7GDB

Hi MESH members,

You might find it inspiring is to see this website from the Pleasant Valley ARC which has an extended countywide AREDN MESH network, including using the network for an IRC chat every Wednesday at 20:00.


Find the link for their live MESH map, and see what they have accomplished, linking to various areas.
Note the MESH covering their county is connected via IP Tunneling to other MESH networks in Santa Barbara, LA, Orange, San Diego, and even to Utah.

They have descriptions of the equipment and software they use under the dropdown menu on the page. This makes it easy to join an AREDN network.

Also note they use MESH connected cameras to show real time photo images of their valley and equipment.
Such surveillance video can provide valuable information on environmental threats such as fire or floods.