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The Sacramento Country Dance Society (SCDS) hosts traditional American contra dances and English country dances in the Sacramento, California area. SactoCDS group members will receive nothing but e-mail announcements of SCDS dances and other special dances in the region. Anyone interested in timely reminders of our dance schedule should subscribe. 
We always dance to live music, mostly reels or jigs in the Celtic and bluegrass traditions. All dances are taught and prompted, with a lesson for beginners offered before every dance. No dance partner is necessary, and we normally change partners for every dance, in the spirit of community dance.
Contra dance, which evolved from a traditional form of folk dance of the British Isles, has been danced continuously in America throughout its history. Lighthearted and social, it is danced in two lines of couples who perform various patterns or figures with one another. By the end of the overall pattern, each leading couple has exchanged places with another couple, and the dance repeats until all couples in the lines have danced with one another. English country dances are usually known by the tune to which they have been choreographed and involve smaller groups of couples dancing figures that are similar to, but often distinct from, contra dance figures. Traditional country dance is a precursor of modern western square dancing, but is unrelated to modern country and western line dancing. More information about traditional country dancing is available at

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