Try out the gorup, post a question or somethign you find interesting . . .

Donald Hellen

We're trying this forum out to see if it will work for the club. It
avoids some of the drawbacks of Facebook (including it's privacy and
security issues), and works simply with email for posting and

Some information aboutpolls: Polls have to be done at the group web
page, which I think this link takes you directly to the post page:

but you can go to the main page:

and click on New Topic" there and then you will have the default
choice of a new message or click on New Poll" button there next to the
New Topic button.

Polls are enabled for all group members. Right now people can join
without approval but should we close the group so that people need to
be approved for membership to keep just anyone from joining, or leave
it open to anyone interested? New members will have to have two posts
approved before they are no longer moderated as a protection from
people joining just to spam the group. Typically, one who does that
would get banned from a group.

To just post a message in your email program or webmail interface,
just click or double-click on the email link in the "To: field and it
should open a new message window or tab (your program or webmail may
work a bit differently but it typically works this way).

If the club doesn't like this forum we can simply not use it, but I
believe it might be worth using. Let us know what you think, please?