Georgetown Hamfest

Donald Hellen

I saw some of our group there. HARA (Hillsboro club) was there and
they arranged for me to have a table near them so I could do some
shopping myself and they could keep an eye on my stuff, but I was able
to bring a non-ham friend who watched my booth for me. They kept an
eye on my stuff when I took him for a tour of old radios for sale

I picked up the roller-inductor MFJ legal limit (manual) tuner for
$75, A true-RMS Radio Shack voltmeter that tests bipolar transistors
for hFE, capacitor values, diodes, frequency up to 2 MHz, and the
usual multimeter stuff, with digital display, for $10 (no leads but I
found some here that fit), an audio signal generator for $20, an RF
signal generator that's of better quality than the one I have that
drifts if you look at it wrong for $35, and some magazines and manuals
on DVDs for $5 each since I bought several.

In case anyone here needs a manual for any equipment made by these ham
equipment manufacturers and you can't find it on, let me know.
It might be on these DVDs:

Heathkit (includes test equipment)

I only bought the DVDs for equipment brands I own now or might buy in
the future. I own a few Icom rigs. I have a Heathkit audio signal
generator. I hope to have sometime in the future a Collins TX/RX pair
or a XVCR made by them, or maybe a Hammarlund pair.

Anyone can let me know if they want me to look for a schematic or mod
for their rig. I don't know how many mods are on the DVDs but at least
one mentioned mods.

The two DVDs on magazines were for Radio Electronics (and the two mags
that eventually became it), and Popular Electronics (and a mag or two
that merged with them). All years of publication are covered.

I didn't sell my 746 Pro or my Astron RS-35M supply. (I did sell a
small MFJ SWR meter/field strength meter.) The radio and supply are
still for sale, and the Pro is less than any price you'll find on ebay
at $525. The Astron is priced at $90 but I'm a bit negotiable on that.
I will bring it to your house/shack to show that it works fine (either



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