Georgetown hamfest

Donald Hellen

How many are going to Georgetown next Saturday?

I'm bringing a friend who has some interest in amateur radio and
paying his entrance fee in return for him watching my table for a
while so I can actually do some looking around. If the HARA people are
able to, I may have a table next to theirs and may be able to take my
buddy around to show him some older stuff and he might find some
interesting non-ham things, too. I found some useful things for almost
giveaway prices, including a working Dell laptop power adapter that
will be a spare for me.

I'm taking my Icom 746 Pro to sell and a couple of other items but the
main one is the 746. I thin I'll bring my old car in case someone
wants to buy it and wants proof that it works. I have HF "hamsticks"
in that car and PowerPole connections so I could fire it up in the
car, though the bands have been pretty poor lately and I have doubts
we'd make a contact in a short time.



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