Hamfest -- was it a success?

Donald Hellen

I noticed that we had a lower turnout than the previous year. Was it a
success, though?

When is the next Ohio hamfest in southern Ohio or central Ohio? I know
the Georgetown fest is a few months away.

I found a few small things at our fest yesterday (below).


My "finds":

Icom desk mic (I forget the model but it has a small base, has tone
controls underneath, and works with my 7300) for $30 -- I've seen this
same mike (I think it's the SM-20?) for over $100 on ebay. The only
thing "wrong" is the Icom label is missing on the base but it works,
and that's the main thing. I gave it a try and after changing some
settings like VOX and anti-VOX and mic gain, I got it to work nicely
with the 7300. Now I have more reason to procrastinate gutting two
Motorola base station mics and putting in a Panasonic electret mic
element since I don't need either of them now! :-)

A rather small Radio Shack digital FM/AM/SW radio that is the only
radio in the house that can pull in any public radio station (it
receives 91.9 FM), $5 (It must have a better front end than most FM
radios, even two Sony radios I have.)

Radio Shack dB meter, $6, works fine, and it's the digital one

Radio Shack tiny portable WX radio, with alert (will take to work to
monitor inclement WX as I have a window cubicle), $4

Dell laptop power supply/charger, 50 cents, works for my Dell laptops!
I should have dug into that fellow's bin of power supplies first thing
instead of near the end of the event. There may have been more there.

A Ten Tec Triton IV and power supply for parts for my Triton IV and
power supply. Hopefully, if I choose to repair the one, I'll have the
parts I need to fix it from the other. Or I just have two rigs and two
power supplies to add to my pile of junk. :-)


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