Re: Hamfest question


We will setup Friday at six. I will be there Saturday at 7:15 to open up.


On Oct 2, 2019, at 8:55 PM, Donald Hellen <donhellen@...> wrote:

Do I understand that we can set up a table Friday evening? Or am I
mistaken? If mistaken, how early can I get there to set up on
Saturday? Do we need people there much earlier than 8 AM to help get
things ready?

If we can, since I have two transceivers, a non-working PS,some Ten
Tec accessories, and maybe a (working) power supply to sell there,
could I have a separate table next to or near the club table so
whoever is at the club table can answer questions while I'm helping
with ticket sales or browsing the flea market?

I gave up on the Ten Tec XCVR but it's probably a PS issue since it
doesn't even light up the LED indicators (it's not the fuse or
switch). Someone will just pay less and have the pleasure of fixing
it. Or I will if it doesn't sell Saturday. Then I might keep it as a
backup rig or a temporary loaner for new ones coming into the hobby



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