Re: Hamfest Help

Donald Hellen

On Sun, 29 Sep 2019 00:13:21 +0000, "Michael Mathuews"
<mathuews@...> wrote:

We could use some help with selling tickets at the door during the Hamfest. Ticket sales start at 8am.

I plan on being there. I can probably help around 9:30 AM for 1/2 hour
to an hour. If everyone spent 1/2 hour helping we should have plenty
of help, but I might be able to help longer if needed.

I also will be bringing a working Icom 746 Pro for sale and a
non-working Ten Tec Triton IV with power supply. It will be sold as
non-working with some accessories, a mic and a Ten Tec CW keyer, which
should make it worth more as a bundle, even if the PS and maybe the
rig needs attention. The PS isn't powering up and I can't locate the
problem. They used a strange method of integrating the PS with the
transceiver to make it hard to use an external non-branded supply (but
I tried anyway). If I can't sell it there, I'll wait until I have
more time and will repair it then sell it for more. The 746 Pro is in
great working condition. I may have an Astron RM-35 for sale also
since I have two working here and also have an RS-70 that I use. I
don't think I need 3 power supplies.

I'll leave it on the club table so I can look around and also help
out, and put some time in at the ticket table. Since there's no table
fee I'll just donate to the club if I make a sale.

I would just like to have a little time to look around to spot any
bargains the first hour or so, then a little time before it ends to
see if there are any bargains to be had before people pack up to go
home. Prices drop sometimes before the end.

I don't see anything getting in the way of plans for Saturday morning.
I just need to remember to set the alarm the night before as I often
sleep in on Saturdays! :-)

Donald Hellen


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