GPS7100 GPS receiver for Icom 7100 still available

Donald Hellen

I ordered one of these, and there are some more available in this ebay

It will also work with the 9100. It appears to do the same thing as
the one built into the 5100 for use with Dstar. With shipping to the
US it's $55.

I only ordered it for possible Dstar use, but there may be other uses.
It was one of the accessories no longer generally available in the US
market, so this one comes from Bulgaria.

Mine is on its way but could have been here sooner if it were shipped
back when I bought it in August, but the ebay listing did say that it
would take several weeks to arrive, so the seller may just make a
monthly trip to their post office to ship these. But mine arrived in a
Chicago UPS terminal yesterday so it should only be a few more days.
Fortunately, I don't need it right now as I'm trying to get used to
the menus before trying it out as a mobile rig. I not only wanted to
mention that this was still available, but also to expect some delay
in getting it to your home.



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