[JS8Call] JS8Call 2.0 RC5 Beta Testing

Ken Nichols

For anyone that might be interested. 

Ken Nichols

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jordan Sherer / KN4CRD <>
Date: November 15, 2019 at 9:49:30 PM CST
Subject: [JS8Call] JS8Call 2.0 RC5 Beta Testing

Hi folks, 

Thanks again for your help. I've released a new release candidate RC5 that includes a new decoding pattern to help with stalls on slower machines and Windows audio threads and a number of other fixes. When the decoder process hangs (hopefully it doesn't) the app will alert you and then try to restart the decoder. The downloads are available here:

As long as most of the issues seen in the past few release candidates are indeed confirmed to be resolved, this is the release candidate that may make it to the general release. I'm aiming for next week as long as things go well. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

Jordan / KN4CRD


Full Changelog: 

      Fixed #223: compound callsign directed text coloring
      Fixed Show Band Heartbeats / Acks by default
      Attempt decoder process recovery on hang until I determine why its hanging
      Detector buffer position should be 0 after clear
      Updated decode locking. Removed DecodeButton and OptimizingProgressDialog
      Submode should be initd
      Added locking debug
      Added better initialization. Added skipping decodes while not monitoring.
      Delay first decode until start of the next period on startup
      Fixed initial decode after transmit caused by transmit dead air
      Added output option for debug statements to the command line
      Fixed newline processing
      Fixed enter keypress for proper handling
      Fixed #71: newline supported in 2.0 messages
      Hide save audio functionality until its no longer broken
      Turn off decoder debugging by default unless in debug mode
      Restructuring @APRSIS into @JS8NET
      Bump to RC5

Brad Peace

I downloaded it and have been using it with good results so far.