CQ WW160 SSB Results #Contest

Marty Meyers

Dear club members,

Ed N5JJI, Starr KI5SC, Brad N5PBP, and Marty W5MRM had a good time operating this contest from the club station Friday night. We put together a pretty good score for working 12 hours total. Conditions were pretty good and the noise floor was low. No static crashing or anything of the sort. Here is the output from my submission to 3830 scores. If anyone else worked the contest please to put "South Texas DX and Contest Club" in your cabrillo. If we have three or more logs they will get counted for the club competition.

                   CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB - 2020

Call: W5RTA
Operator(s): W5MRM KI5SC N5PBP N5JJI
Station: W5RTA

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Bandera, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Total:  QSOs = 242  State/Prov = 46  Countries = 5  Total Score = 27,336

Club: South Texas DX & Contest Club

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