FT8 Mondays

Marty Meyers

Dear Club Members, 

I received the following information from Ray W5RAY about a new, informal net that is being held on 2 meters. Here is the info:

The North Texas Microwave Society is holding an FT-8 informal net on 2 meters (144.174 USB) starting about 7:30 p.m on all Monday's. There are

some folks on the air prior to that for tuning and band condition checking. This is all done to hopefully increase traffic on 2 meters.I have used it for the start to my VUCC for 2 meters.

This does require a radio setup that can do FT-8 on 2 meters. A horizontal antenna is preferred but any antenna can be used to get on the air. I use a home made horizontal loop like this:


It is on a push up pole near 30 foot AGL. 200 plus mile long contacts are not hard with it. Some others use beams. Beams are great but not a requirement.

Their web site is: http://ntms.org/
More information on other informal nets for 222 and 432 is there.
I just wanted to get this information out to more folks to se if anybody else wants to do or can do FT-8 on 2 meters.

A great place to check FT-8 propogation is:


Fill in the blanks: 2M, signals, sent/rcvd, anyone, blank, ft8, 15 minutes.

Last week there were two guys, one in Austin and one in Houston, that made contact with Florida during our net time. I tried but propogation did not make it for me.

See you on the bands.

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