For sale: Steppir and Acom

Keith Heimbold

Hi All-

Been busy as usual changing things up in the shack. I decided to change up again.

I have a couple items for sale. One is steppir urban beam that I just bought from steppir in May and am half way through assembly and decided that I am wanting an antenna without moving parts after all. I am discounting $500 it from what I paid a few months ago.

The other is a project amp, Acom 1000. It requires a new transformer from Acom. I got all the info on how to get a new one but decided to move on from that project and pass it onto someone with more spare time or interest in a rebuild.

Contact me at ak6zzel09@... For prices and more info like photos. I am in Helotes if you want to see the items in person. Not traveling this week.

Apologies for not making many events been traveling a lot for work and business since May 2018. Hope you are all well!

Thanks & 73,


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