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Robert Hejl

I'll be operating mobile from several south Texas counties as yet to be determined. I even bought a new lap top to do logging.  Bob  W2IK

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I won’t be of much help, but unless one runs an NVIS antenna on 40m, I stand a better chance of hitting Texas stations from Flippin, Arkansas (home of Ranger Boats and NA3VY) than those that live in Texas do.  If I get my CrankIR up, I’ll work you all if possible.


Gary J

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Subject: Re: [STXDXCC] Texas QSO Party #Contest

Thanks Marty

I’ll operate from my qth some Saturday only.

Obie N5VYS

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Dear club members,

I wanted to provide a reminder that the Texas QSO Party dates have changed this year. The TQP is now scheduled to take place the second weekend in September. Operating times for the 2019 contest are  from 1400Z on Saturday, September 14 to 0200Z on Sunday, September 15 and from 1400Z to 2000Z on Sunday, September 15th. This is always a fun event. Texas has 254 counties so there are a lot of multipliers to work.

Does anyone have any plans for the contest?



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