Re: Want to win some contests?

Tom O'Brien

What band?
Also, that thing is bigger than my lot!!  I guess I could get my neighbors licensed.

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Subject: [STXDXCC] Want to win some contests?

Saw this on for sale: 

Have an 8 element yagi on 90 ft boom. Boom is 4 in dia. Largest Yagi in North America. Was designed and installed 15 years ago and is now on the ground for pick up in Griffin, Ga. This antenna is a MONSTER...will fit on Rohn 55 or larger tower. Only a Prop Pitch motor will turn this big Boy antenna. NOT for the faint of heart! This is one serious large antenna. Pick it up at my qth in Griffin, Ga for only $2500. Opens and closes the band!! Rick NQ4I cell 678-595-623

Mike, k5wmg

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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