Re: *Important* ARRL DX Contest Input needed #Contest #SpecialNotice


Correction on location...QRZhas been corrected...I am in EL09wo


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, 7:05:11 AM CST, Ed via Groups.Io <marker939393@...> wrote:

I am in EL09tn

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 9:50:20 PM CST, Marty Meyers <martyrmeyers@...> wrote:

Dear club members,

In order for our scores in ARRL contests to count for club credit we must keep an updated list of participants and their grid squares. All participants must reside in a 175 mile circle. I have the following list. If you aren't on the list get me your grid square please. If you are on the list and moved please get me your new grid square.

A couple of people I see missing: Ed N5JJI, Ed N5LVQ, Matthew K5NON, Cray K5MUG, Brad N5PBP, Keith NZ5F

Gary, I'll update with your new call.

AA5JD EL09sq 36.0
AB5XZ EL09sp 36.8
K0BCN EL09lt 0.0
K5YB EM00kb 18.0
KD3VK EL09qr 25.6
KI5SC EL09ls 2.9
KK5LO EL09li 31.7
N5BAA EL09lv 5.8
N5PHI EM00kb 18.0
N5VYS EL09tk 47.7
W5MRM EL09pn 26.4
W5QLF EL09po 24.6
W5RTA EL09lt 0.0

We will want to have this resolved before the ARRL DX (CW and SSB) that are set to take place in February and March.



Ed Kirk N5JJI

Ed Kirk N5JJI

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