Re: Foan In Place Packaging

Ken Nichols

I would just caution you of which foam you use. Apparently there's more than one kind and the agent used in one of them is very acidic. It could cause problems depending on how you're building your form template. I highly recommend your radio gear not being near the foam until it's fully cured. 
Also the foam comes in non-expanding and expanding versions. The expanding one can be a real problem in a confined space when applied. 

For long-term packing or repeated shipping I've only used spongy foam/foam rubber and even procured the foam made for cases which also comes in a partially precut kind that you can just tear out squares/spaces until you get the shape you want. 
I have a couple of cases & this kind of foam for my FlexRadio, I just haven't gotten around to finalizing the packing design. 
Good luck. 

Ken Nichols

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I have not. I use foam rubber, even though I only used it once, it works quite well.

Obie N5VYS

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HCARC just recently experienced catastrophic damage to a radio sold on Ebay.  In an attempt to head off this kind of thing in the future Starr and I have been toying around with using the canned foam from Lowes/Home Depot to make packing for radios and radio equipment.  Most of us have at least one piece of equipment for which we don't have original packing.  Has anyone in the club attempted this??  Ideas??


Gary J


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