Re: Route 66

Marty Meyers

Great work Obie! I only worked one. Heard several others but didn’t make the contact. There were a few Route 66 stations on FT8 as well.

I did work the following via FT8 on 17m, 20m, and 40m last night.

- New Caledonia - an all-time new one for me
- 3 x New Zealand
- 3x Australia
- Japan
- 3x Canada
- Puerto Rico
- Venezuela
- Chile
- 15x USA

I’m not a huge fan of FT8 as it gets a bit boring but it does get through! If you guys haven’t tried this mode yet I would highly suggest it. If you do try it please read the release notes for the WSJT-X software as it answers a lot of questions.



On September 10, 2017 at 5:30:40 PM, OBIE D WEATHERS JR n5vys@... [STXDXCC] (stxdxcc@...) wrote:


I tried to send this yesterday. Problems with my email...server.


Even with the poor band conditions last night, I managed to work 14 out the 21 Route 66 station.

Mostly on 40 meters. 12 on 40 meters and 2 on 20 meters....all SSB & 2 Charlie Whisky?.

Hopefully today will be better?

Obie N5VYS


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