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Saint Thomas More Home Educators (STMHE) is a Catholic homeschooling group serving Western Washington, with a particular focus on the greater Puget Sound area. Our group is 100% faithful to the Catholic Church, the Magisterium, and the Pope. We place our group under the patronage of St. Thomas More.

Our group of local Catholic homeschooling parents helps navigate the homeschool process, from preschool to high school.  We are invested in providing educational and social opportunities for our children and welcoming support for families, especially those who are new to the area.

We also engage in conversation about options after high school, including Catholic and secular colleges and universities, vocational/technical schools, apprenticeships, and trade schools.


For information about meeting Washington state’s homeschool requirements:

For more in-depth conversations about college for Catholic homeschoolers, please visit: 

For more in-depth conversations about local mandates and the latest Covid information, please visit: 

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Rules and Guidelines:

1. Our group is 100% faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the authority of the Pope.

2. Members of the STMHE community are expected to treat everyone with kindness, courtesy, and respect. Please assume positive intent and refrain from forwarding group posts without consent of the original poster.

3. Our group welcomes respectful discourse about most topics if all parties remain calm, charitable, and affirm/align with Church teaching. Our volunteer moderators reserve the right to intervene in topics which cannot be discussed with charity.

4. If you are selling something, please include "FOR SALE" in your subject line.  

5. If you have a business or service you wish to let us know about, please post about it on Fridays only.

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