Story St. Louis Community Eruv History


ST LOUIS COMMUNITY ERUV, December 2020—26th Anniversary

For 26 years (1,352 weeks) the St Louis Community Eruv has been inspected, repaired, and maintained.
During the early years, Eruv announcements were available on the Eruv phone hotline. During later years, the Eruv has sent email announcements each week.
The Eruv has been up every week for 1, 348 weeks; it has been down 4 times.
Two excellent Eruv inspectors have inspected the Eruv each and every week.
The Eruv requires frequent repairs and replacements. After each weekly inspection, necessary repairs and replacements are completed before Shabbat.
Certain work to maintain the Eruv requires work on utility poles and towers, and those have been done by a dedicated, skilled, and always reliable gentleman who was a lineman for Ameren UE.

Actual construction on the Eruv took 3 months. Ninety percent of the work was done one day—Sunday, October 9, 1994—when 29 members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and 50 community volunteers worked from 8:00am to past 3:00pm to install lechis on utility poles along portions of the original Eruv boundary.
The Eruv was designed, obtained the necessary governmental, utility, and Rabbinic approvals, and was completed in just over 12 months between October 25, 1993 and noon on Friday, December 16, 1994.

On Friday, December 11, 2020, the Eruv will have been in operation for 26 years.

Over the last 26 years the Eruv boundaries have changed several times to accommodate:
The building of the Metrolink
The relocation and construction of I-64
The inclusion of most of the Danforth campus and student housing at Washington University
The inclusion of the Parkview Subdivision on the west side of Skinker Blvd
Construction in and around the Danforth Campus at Washington University

Portions of the Eruv are located in the cities of Clayton, Ladue, Olivette, Richmond Heights, St. Louis, and University City.

Eruv Operating Expenses Include:
Weekly inspections, repairs, maintenance
Liability Insurance
Workman’s Compensation Insurance
Parts, supplies and tools for Eruv repairs and replacements
Eruv Hotline with voice mail and Eruv email to provide reports on the condition of the Eruv

Support for the Eruv comes primarily from individuals and families who live within the Eruv, and from people who carry, use strollers, walkers, wheel chairs, canes and other devices on Shabbat.

Support comes from people who appreciate how the Eruv allows our community to enjoy and share in Shabbat observance.
If you wish to be added to the Eruv email weekly alert list please email:
Alan Haber