Shifra's Kitchen


See what's new this week!  
(All salads and dips are parve)
This weeks menu: Please place Shabbos order by 3PM Wednesday!

Techina                           $4 1/2 pint
Babaganosh                   $4 1/2 pint 
Matbukah                       $4 1/2 pint
Beet salad                      $4 1/2 pint
Morrocan Carrots           $5 pint  
Potato Salad                  $5 pint
Quinoa salad                 $8 quart
Asian Cole Slaw             $8 quart
Poppyseed Cole Slaw    $8 quart
Israeli Couscous salad   $8 quart
Sesame Noodles            $8 quart 

Onion Soup                    $8 quart
Creamy Broccoli Soup   $8 quart
others available by request

*New*Weeknight dinners available on request (must be ordered at least 2 days in advance)
Chicken / Rice/ Green beans
Meatballs/ Mashed potatoes/ zucchini 
Salmon/ quinoa/ zuchinni/ tomatoes
low carb options:
 "cauliflower" fried rice with hamburger or ground turkey
Asian Lettuce wraps with ground turkey

If you don't see what you are looking for on the menu, I am happy to accommodate you! 

Soups, Sides and Mains available on request

I'd love to help with all your cooking needs. I specialize in low fat/ low carb, no MSG, and natural ingredients 

Shifra Newman