Shevuot Night Shiur 12PM - 1 AM at my home


Saturday night, I will deliver my annual Shevuot night shiur. The topic this year is:  The Conversion of Ruth - did she convert before or after she married Naomi's son Machlon. Various opinions are offered by the commentaries on the Tanach as well as the Medrish and Zohar.  However, both opinions raise many difficulties regarding the laws of "garut" conversion. I will focus more on the halachik aspects of each opinion and offer various solutions within the scope of Hilchot Gerut. 
Shiur is open to men and women and should finish around 1 AM.  Simple refreshments (tea, coffee, etc.) will be available and if anyone would like to donate refreshments, contact me. 
Email me if you need more information. 

Stanley Krantman