platelet donation needed

rachel shapiro...

Kate Cassorla, a friend of the community who recently received a
stem cell transplant, is in need of platelets, and there is a
current shortage. We call upon all of you to donate as soon as
possible. Please call the Barnes Jewish Hospital Pheresis Donor
Recruiter at 314-362-1253 to schedule an appointment. They can
answer any questions you may have regarding eligibility and donating.

If you recently donated blood at the blood drive (or elsewhere),
they have informed me that you only need 72 hours from the time of
your blood donation to be eligible to give platelets. They will
check your iron level when you arrive to be sure you can give.

You do not have to be a specific blood type to give. Kate is getting
platelet products from the general pool. You cannot direct your
donation to Kate directly, but they said there are currently 5
people who need platelets at Barnes and each receives as he/she
needs, and Kate is among them.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call
the Pheresis Center at 314-362-1253.

Thank you,
Rachel Shapiro
(314) 862-3745