Place Your Order While There is Still Time - Rosh Hashanah Special Catering Menu

Randi Schenberg

Order today and add some specialty items to your Rosh Hashanah menu.

The Circle@Crown Cafe is offering a special Rosh Hashanah Catering Menu:
Spinach and Feta Bake in Puffed Pastry - $12
Sweet Noodle Kugel - $10
Challah Soufflé - $10
Honey Cake - $8

All items will be prepared in a dairy kitchen, in 8 x 8 pans and feeds 4-6.

Call 314-412-4350 today to place your order. All orders must be received by September 15th and picked up on Friday, September 18th before 11am.

Circle@Crown Cafe
8350 Delcrest Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63124