Meals offered thru the J,-613 Catering by Jon Rubin

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Subject: Meals offered thru the J,-613 Catering by Jon Rubin



The J’s 613 Catering Offers Community Kitchen Meals

“We know that many people are feeling helpless right now. Maybe because they’re experiencing difficulties with health or finances, or maybe because they’re in a position to help but don’t know how. We think Community Kitchen Meals can fulfill many needs,” said Lynn Wittels, President and CEO of the J.

The J has repackaged many of its services since closing its doors on March 18, converting its fitness and other programs from on site to online. But hunger isn’t virtual, so 613 Catering, the J-owned kosher catering business headed by Chef Jon Rubin, has created a family-style meal service that can feed our neighbors and feed our desire to help.

Three times weekly, families can order a nutritious, delicious, VAAD-certified kosher dinner for pickup at the J. Additionally, community members may gift a meal (or many) to help those in need.

Each meal feeds four, and costs $60. All orders, requests and logistics will be handled by Robin Rickerman, 613 Catering Manager. Whether you want to purchase a meal for your family, donate a meal or request a gifted meal, call 314.442.3275. Robin will take the orders, process donations and assure our neighbors that delicious, hot meals will be available for them. Because all transactions will be handled by phone, nobody will know which meals are paid and which are gifts.

All donations are tax deductible and gifts of all amounts are welcome. The number of free meals available will be dependent on donations.

“We are so happy to provide these meals,” said Chef Rubin. “It’s a great service for people who want a night off from cooking, for people who want to help fight food insecurity in our community, and quite possibly a lifeline for families who wouldn’t otherwise have a hot meal.”

613 Community Kitchen Meals

What: Family-style meals (feed four), Vaad-certified kosher, available for pickup  
            Provided by 613 Catering, the J’s new catering service

Where: Pick up at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, Staenberg Family Complex Adult Day                                     entrance (take Willow Village Parkway and park in the lot adjacent to the pool)

When: 3x/week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) for the foreseeable future EXCEPT during Passover

How: To order, donate, or request a gifted meal: 314.442.3275

Cost: $60 per family meal (feeds four)


To place order- call Robin Rickerman 314-442-3275


Wednesday, April 1

Meat Lasagna

Caesar Salad

Green beans

Garlic bread


Order by NOON on Tuesday

PICK UP between 2:30 and 3:30

DELIVERIES between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.


Friday, April 3

24 oz sliced ROASTED Brisket OR ROASTED Whole Chicken

Matzo Ball Chicken Soup

Potato Kugel

Asian Stir Fry

Challah Rolls


PICK UP between 2:30 and 3:30

DELIVERIES between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.



Robin Rickerman

Director of J Associates and Events Manager

Jewish Community Centers of St. Louis

OFFICE 314-442-3275