HJ's Cafe news!

Susan Kemppainen

HJ’s Cafe has lots to share with our friends! Attached are flyers with more detailed information, so here’s a brief rundown:


1)      Our “First Sunday of the Month” all-you-can-eat kosher brunch is this Sunday, 3/1 from 10 am to 2 pm! Every brunch will feature a different, delicious menu! The March specialty dishes are pan-seared salmon with wild rice and a quinoa salad with roasted veggies!

2)     We updated our kosher dinner–to-go packages with more choices and lowered the minimum number to order!

3)     Aging Ahead is introducing breakfast and lunch meals, in addition to their regular dinner meals! For a suggested donation of $4, Aging Ahead members can pick any *one* meal a day. For breakfast and lunch, you can order your meal and eat at HJ's Cafe, during its regular service hours, with no reservations necessary. Or with a reservation, you can still dine at a 5 pm Aging Ahead dinner at the Mirowitz Center. Aging Ahead is for people ages 60 and above; there is no income requirement. For further information or to enroll in Aging Ahead, stop by the Mirowitz Center, call 314-292-7693 or contact Jen Schmitz (JSchmitz@...).


Have a wonderful weekend and see you Sunday for brunch!


Susan Kemppainen



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